Edouard Moret


Riding Number: 24

Class: Angora MX2

Data of birth: 21.01.1996

Place of birth: Swiss

Town: Geneva

Edouard is a swiss motocross rider born in Geneva in 1996. He began the motocross at the age of 6 and quickly started to participate in local competitions. After a few years, he decided to compete in the Angora Championship races.

In 2013, he became a member of the "Team Dragon Motos" and began the first season by riding a 125cc bike and later a 250cc. In 2014, Edouard began to race in some Swiss Championship competitions.

In 2015, after a serious injury, he started to ride again. In 2016 and 2017 he moved up to the Swiss Championship category Lites 250.

For the next season (2019), Edouard is going to ride on a KTM 250cc and will take part in the Fribourgeois, the Angora and the Geneva championship competitions.

Championnat Fribourgeois 2019

Date Country Venue
23th – 24th March 🇨🇭Switzerland Cordast (FR)
27th – 28th April 🇨🇭Switzerland Siviriez (FR)
11th May 🇨🇭Switzerland Vers Chez Perrin (VD)
19th May 🇨🇭Switzerland Sezegnin (GE)
20th July 🇨🇭Switzerland Broc (FR)
27th – 28th July 🇨🇭Switzerland Domdidier (FR)
24th – 25th August 🇨🇭Switzerland Maison Rouge Les Bois (JU)
31th August – 1st September 🇨🇭Switzerland Payerne (VD)
7th – 8th September 🇨🇭Switzerland Lugnorre / Vully (FR)
14th – 15th September 🇨🇭Switzerland Posieux / Les Muëses (FR)

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