Keoma Germond


Riding Number: 70

Class: Swiss Master

Date of birth: 14.04.1991

Place of birth: Swiss

Town: Geneva

Keoma was born in 1991 in Geneva. At the age of ten, he received his first bike. He begins in the backyard, but will soon take part of the local races.

In 85cc, he ends up vice-champion of the angora’s series and champion of Geneva. He then have a good Junior year in the swiss championship.

In 2012, he attends the MX3 world championship, where he manage to grab a top 10. Due to medical condition, he has to stop his 2013 season.

Enrolled in an animation and visual effects online school, he starts a two years formation. He comes back in 2014, attending the swiss championship, and decides to leave the animation school and to go a year in California to progress with the Champ’ Factory. His focus is set on the famous race Loretta Lynn’s (category pro amateur).

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